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"Rabotnichesko Delo" EOOD

Provides qualified and unqualified workers in various fields: construction, cleaning, porter services and many other specific activities. "Rabotnichesko delo” EOOD participates in the implementation of activities related to the "Turkish Stream" project: It provides an accompanying activity in the process of loading/unloading of different types of vessels in the Burgas-West PT. OMC PEP project - preparation of pipes that are to be laid on the bottom of the Black Sea, the company provided certified workers - "docker – shunter operators", "signalman", "lasher" in connection with the relocation and cleaning of more than 13000 pipes; containerization and de-containerization of different types of cargos; there is possibility for transportation of various types of cargos. Participation in the loading / unloading process.


The position includes: correct cargo suspension; arranging the cargos for storage and observing the overall dimensions when stowing the cargo and the distances to the objects within the zone of the crane;


The signalman is in charge of giving signals and signs between the shunter operators and the persons controlling the lifting facilities and determining whether these signals are to be given and their proper fulfillment.


Helps for the correct loading and unloading of the cargo, containerization and de-containerization. Key role in the safety in these processes.


We offer full package of home and office relocation services – packing of personal belongings and luggage transportation, assembly, disassembly and transportation of furniture, sale of cardboard boxes and transport.

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